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A Late Night at Lane Stadium

Almost exactly a year ago, and 3 years after graduating from Ohio State, I moved to Blacksburg to start graduate school at Virginia Tech. I love it here and I'm very happy and comfortable doing what I'm doing. The next month or so is going to be very important for me academically and in terms o...
09 Aug 2015
by Ohio1St81

An old friend's take on Virginia Tech's schedule

After five fantastic years at Ohio State and a few in between, I'm starting graduate school at Virginia Tech soon so I've been starting to follow the Hokies more closely. I'm not trying to rile things up by implying some bitter media conspiracy - I think the majority of the grief we hear and read is...
06 Jul 2014
by Ohio1St81

Thanks, Karen

The 2006-2007 school year, my freshman year at Ohio State, was Karen Holbrook's last year as president of the university. I quickly learned as an incoming freshman that Dr. Holbrook was not a popular figure on campus, mainly for her criticisms of the football culture at OSU, and in particular he...
15 Jul 2012
by Ohio1St81