SMART Football Power Rankings

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October 23, 2012 at 2:19 am

Introducing, the SMART Football Power Ranking!
Since polls don't accurately measure how good a team is or performs, I made a ranking system based on performance. Here is the scoring system:
24 Points for a win over a BCS school
20 Points for a win over a Non AQ 1-A School
16 Points for a win over a 1-AA Team
12 Points for a win over a D-II Team
8 Points for a win over a D-III Team
4 Points for a win over a NAIA Team
2 Points for each win the opponent has
1 point for each win a D-II or lower opponent has
I pointed out the D-II and lower points because some 1-A teams play D-II teams or lower.
Without further ado, here are my rankings. The +/- is for AP ranking with point average in parenthesis.
The teams following are the 35 teams that received the most votes in the latest AP poll.
1. Florida (32) +1
2. Notre Dame (31.14285714) +3
3. Oregon State (31) +4
4. Alabama (29.71428571) -3
5. Kansas State (29.14285714) -2
6. OHIO STATE (29) +3
7. Oregon (28.85714286) -3
8. Rutgers (28) +10
9. Texas Tech (26.57142857) +6
10. Stanford (26.28571429) +9
11. LSU (26.25) -5
12. Oklahoma* (26) -4
13. Mississippi State* (26) +0
14. Louisville (25.71428571) +2
15. Florida State (25.5) -4
16. Clemson (25.42857143) -2
17. USC (25.14285714) -7
18. West Virginia (24.85714286) +7
19. Penn State** (24.57142857) +12
20. Georgia** (24.57142857) -8
21. Texas A&M (24.28571429) +1
22. Michigan*** (23.71428571) -2
23. Ohio*** (23.71428571) +0
24. Boise State (23.14285714) -3
25. Toledo**** (23.5) +1
26. Wisconsin**** (23.5) +2
27. Nebraska***** (23.42857143) +3
28. Texas***** (23.42857143) -1
29. North Carolina State****** (22.85714286) +3
30. Louisiana Tech****** (22.85714286) -6
31. UCLA******* (22) +4
32. Arizona******* (22) +2
33. TCU (21.14285714) -4
34. South Carolina (20.75) -17
35. Oklahoma State (20.33333333) -2
Most underrated: Penn State (+12)
Most overrated: South Carolina (-17)
SEC has most Top 5, Top 15, Top 20, and Top 25 teams still in this system.
Pac-12 has most Top 10 teams, though.
1. Florida has played a very frontloaded schedule. They have two FCS games down the road that will hurt their final ranking. They have the best win so far of any Top 25 team in this system so far.
2. Notre Dame has no great wins, but they also have no bad wins, which can't hurt their ranking.
3. Oregon State still has to play a FCS game, but was leapfrogged with impressive wins over UCLA and Wisconsin.
4. Alabama's best win is against an SEC cellar-dweller known as Ole Miss. They play Mississippi State this weekend which would average in a 38 point boost for the winning side.
5. Kansas State has great wins, but played a bad FCS team and that brought down its ranking.
6. While the Buckeyes wins don't look impressive, UCF has turned out to be a great last-minute replacement on the rating scale.
7. Oregon may have impressive numbers, but it really comes down to who you play, and Oregon has played really bad teams with their most impressive win being against Arizona.
8. Rutgers seems high, but it's no error. The Scarlet Knights have no losses and that won't hurt a team in the final rankings, unless you're Ohio and have a schedule 0/1-win FCS cupcakes.
9. Texas Tech's loss to Oklahoma doesn't look good, but their wins over WVU and TCU look better.
10. Stanford's win over Dule is looking better by the week. The loss to Washington, however, isn't.
11. LSU has beaten a team in South Carolina with a lot of wins and another team in Texas A&M with even more wins, but those FCS cupcakes are the equivalent to pulling a Plaxico Burress.
12. Remember when Big Game Bob couldn't win the big game? He has wins over Texas and Texas Tech and has plenty of games left to play including Notre Dame.
13. Mississippi State has more cupcake wins than Rutgers, causing them to fall lower than predicted.
14. Louisville is also a victim of the schedule bug. North Carolina win looks good, though.
15. See #11. Two FCS games will hurt any team, no matter how impressive a win against Clemson looks.
16. And then there's Clemson.
17. Hawai'i win and Stanford loss are looking really bad for SC.
18. WVU comes out higher than the AP poll, but they were blasted too far back in my opinion. One thing that helps WVU is their win over JMU. JMU may be a FCS team, but they have won a lot of games, which is equal to a win over Kansas.
19. Penn State beat Northwestern and would be #9 right now if they didn't lose to UVA. #3 (gasp) if they beat Ohio.
20. Georgia and South Carolina have no good wins, and that hurts every time when you have multiple losses.
21. Remember how bad the MAC is? They have two ranked teams, which is the same as the ACC has.
22. The B1G has 3 ranked teams, but two fringe teams in Wisconsin and Nebraska.
Okay guys, let's hear what you think about this system.
*- Oklahoma wins tiebreaker over Mississippi State due to more impressive victory (Texas Tech) than MSU (Tennessee)
**- Penn State wins tiebreaker over Georgia due to more impressive victory (Northwestern) than UGA (Tennessee/Vanderbilt)
***- Unfortunately, Michigan wins tiebreaker over Ohio due to performance against a common opponent (UMass)
****- Toledo wins tiebreaker over Wisconsin due to more impressive victory (Cincinnati) than Wisconsin (Minnesota)
*****- Nebraska wins tiebreaker over Texas due to more impressive victory (Wisconsin) than Texas (Ole Miss/Oklahoma State)
******- North Carolina State wins tiebreaker due to more impressive victory (Florida State) than Louisiana Tech (Illinois/UVA)
*******- UCLA wins tiebreaker over Arizona due to standing in Pac-12 South

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