Thoughts on the NCAA and its role in college football

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August 19, 2013 at 11:16 pm

     Over the past few years there seems to be a growing sentiment that college football would be better off without the NCAA. I get it...NC, Miami, Auburn, Johnny Foosball, and the USMC, to name just a few of the recent investigations and decisions the NCAA screwed up. From what I've seen and read the problem isn't with the NCAA rules (which the member schools write and approve), the problem is that the NCAA has no subpoena authority and is left to the mercy of whistle blowers, court records, and self-reporting to investigate and enforce rules infractions. The current system is full of holes and easy to game. e.g.. Newtons' church miraculously generous offerings, UNC's African Studies program, Miami's boats and hoes, Reggie Bush's flat screens,cars and plane tickets, Mo C's test drive, and T.P.'s Pennsylvania sugar daddy "mentor." I'm not trying to defend recent actions (or inactions) of the NCAA, but I would hate to see college football without strong amateurism rules and a governing/enforcing body. I would support rule changes to allow parents to attend recruiting trips with their kids on the school's dime, stipends for athletes in revenue generating sports, and a ban on schools and the NCAA from using student athletes names or images to generate revenue but I do not want to see athletes profit from their participation in college sports while in school. I do not want to see the day when football players decide: to attend Oregon because they are offered Nike contracts, Maryland because they will be doing commercials for Under Armour, or God forbid.. The Ohio State University because they will be featured in a Victoria's Secret spread. I guess my concern is that if rules aren't in place and enforced, recruiting will become a bidding war, non-revenue sports will suffer, and college football will become nothing more than an NFL minor league. I still like the idea (maybe a myth) of watching amateur college students on scholarship play football on Saturdays. I don't think I would watch minor league football unless it was dime-a-dog night. I hope the member schools wake up and fix the NCAA before it is too late. When members of the PSU board of trustees or aTm President lawyer up and threaten the NCAA because the NCAA is punishing them or investigating their players it should cost them their membership. When schools like UNC, Miami, and Auburn stonewall investigations there should be consequences. Instead of bad-mouthing their organization, the short sighted NCAA member schools need to get their acts together and strengthen their rules enforcement and stop competing to find ways to undermine it before their cash cow dries up.

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