Guiton's New Role

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September 23, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Now that our our main man is back in action (would be a shock if he isn't this week), Kenny G's sweet jazz sound will get a lot less play time, BUT I think can still have a huge role in the offense. My thinking is with Braxton back he should take 100% of the snaps unless he is injured. No matter how good a QB is, they need to be in the game the whole time in my opinion to have the feel of it and a rhythm. 
Guiton and some of our young playmakers (Wilson, EzE, etc) should learn/create new formations or idea for 2pt conversions and extra points. This will be a thorn in the other teams side and give us potentially free points. Going up 8-0 or even 16-0 puts a lot of stress on a traditional team that isn't going to match 2 pt conversions. And this is where Guiton can shine and focus a lot of his time on, making the right read and giving the ball to the right guy or calling his own number. Which is his strength to begin with.
Share thoughts on this.. Like or dislike going to 2 on many/most scoring plays.

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