New Hires

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January 14, 2014 at 1:30 pm

So here is my thought after waking up this morning and hearing the good news. With all the discussion about National Signing Day and so many guys still on the wire, how are these new hires going to affect that? No only will players be giving a second glance at our new and improved defensive staff, but is it possible that players eyeing Penn State and Arkansas will flip to stay with the coach? Because if so that is even greater karma then Bret would have ever imagined. Personally I love the changes to the staff, with Ash as Co-Defensive Coordinator it will mask Fickell's liabilities ultimately creating a glorious marriage of defensive prowess. Then you throw Johnson's experience and recruiting skills in there and you might just have two defensive coaches that can single handedly turn this defense around. Johnson is one of the best DL Coaches in the nation making the sting of Vrabel's unsuspected and unexplained leave a little less. But an early sign of the defense to come should come on National Signing Day. In my opinion expect guys to flip from Arkansas (eat it Bret) and Penn State, along with players who are on the wire jump on board. Go Bucks!

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