Title Team Reunion

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October 22, 2012 at 6:26 pm

I wanted to see what everyone thought on the 2002 Buckeye Championship team coming back for the Michigan game, most especially, if Jim Tressel and Clarett return.  If they do come what kind of reception do you think they will receive? I hope that they cheer for them both honestly, given the fact that Jim Tressel led us through one of the greatest decades of Buckeye football, and Clarett who was obviously the key to that team that year (not to mention it seems the guy finally turned his life around). They did however both play roles in damaging Ohio State's image and ultimately two seasons between both of them.  My thinking being if Clarett had returned in '03 we probably would've returned to the MNC instead of 2 losses. 
My worry is that I can see the never satisfied/near-sighted part of this fan base may boo and chastise both without thinking about how much sacrifice and hard work was put into their time there (mostly JT - and the good he has done). I would stand and proudly support both of them for letting me live through maybe the most special season in Buckeye history, regardless of what has transpired. What's everyone elses feelings? 

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