Vonn Bell Update

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December 6, 2012 at 4:23 pm

2013 Rossville (GA) Ridgeland S Vonn Bell is perhaps the Buckeye's top remaining target in this class. Vonn has taken some time away from the recruiting process to focus on his senior season. However, with the State semi-final this Friday and the season winding down, Bell may be very close to making a decision. I spoke with Bell's Head Coach, Mark Mariakis last night to get some information on Bell's recruitment. Here is the latest:

  • Season: "The season has gone well. We lost our first game, but have rolled off 12 straight wins since due to the player's focus and motivation."
  • Vonn: "He brings a great football player to our team, he's a kid that makes plays and brings a competitive mindset to the table. He doesn't think he's ever going to lose. At the end of games when it's close, he wants the ball in his hands or to make the big play on defense."
  • Recruiting: "He has done nothing recently, he has cut it off for two months. He hasn't taken calls or anything. I think after the season they'll make a decision . He knows everything he needs to know and has all of his questions answered."
  • Officials: "From talking to him, I think he's just going to take an official to the school he commits to. Like I said, he has all of his questions answered."
  • Finalists: "I think they all bring something different. Tennessee brings the emotion card, he has always been a fan, that's what they have going on. Ohio State has been one of the top schools since day one. He has a close relationship with coach Meyer too. Alabama is Alabama they are the best college football team in the country, every big time player would want an opportunity to play there. It's whatever option feels best for him. There's no bad option in the top three."
  • Factors: "I think just the comfort level with the coaching staff at each school, where he feels most comfortable, and the university as a whole."
  • Tennessee Coach: "I don't know about that. I think they'll have a new coach in place by the time he's ready to decide, so I'm not sure it will play a huge factor."
  • Decision making process: "A few days after the season, I'll sit down with Vonn and his family and we'll talk about setting up a time to make a decision. His family has been very open with me when discussing the process."
  • Coaches: "They've still been calling, texting, and stopping by practice, but they know the season is still going on and they won't be bringing the Saban's, the Meyer's, and whoever the new Tennessee coach is in until the season wraps up because they know to give Vonn his space. He has been in close contact with the three schools though."

I will be in close contact with Bell's coach as the situation progresses. Check back for more details when he season comes to an end.


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