Vonn Bell Decision Details

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January 29, 2013 at 5:37 pm

2013 Rossvile (GA) Ridgeland safety Vonn Bell has been one of Ohio States' top targets for quite some time. Bell has taken his time with the recruiting process. However, it's about to come to an end as he will be announcing his college decision on National Signing Day (02/06/2013) at 10 AM EST on ESPN. I caught up with Ridgeland head coach, Mark Mariakis tonight to get the details on Vonn's upcoming decision:

  • Alabama visit: "The Alabama trip went well. He was down there for their Championship parade on the Saturday. He also got to go to Coach Saban's house for a dinner and maybe a breakfast. He had a really good talk with Coach Saban."
  • Tennessee visit: "In Vonn's words, he said, "It was amazing." The family was pleased to see a big difference in the program from the last time they were there. They were also pleasantly surprised by the new environment on campus."
  • Ohio State/Urban: "He has had a good relationship with Coach Meyer from day one. Ohio State is obviously a great football program, with great tradition, but the persistency Coach Meyer and Coach Withers have shown toward Vonn has been incredible."
  • Potential Vandy visit/Recruiting coming to an end: "I think it's a possibility, but I don't think he ends up going down this weekend. The family is cutting off recruiting after Thursday and will not have contact with any colleges leading up to the decision. They're going to discuss things as a family Friday, then I will meet with the family Saturday, hopefully in the morning, to see if he's ready to make a decision."
  • Coaching visits: "I know Ohio State (Coach Withers), is coming Thursday morning. I don't know about the other two though. I called the schools today to tell them the family is shutting things down after Thursday."
  • No decision in mind: "I think it's going to be the toughest decision hes made in his life to this point. He's a relationships kid. He's really close with all of the coaches involved. It was hard for him in narrow things down to twelve and even harder for him to cut it to three. It will be tough for him to tell the other two schools no because he's just so close with coaches from all three schools. He's told me he could be happy at any three of the schools. It's going to come down to one really small factor for him and I don't know what that will be."
  • Factors: "The relationships with the coaches is very important. In addition to that, education is an important part of the puzzle. Early playing time will also be important for Vonn.

I could see Bell going to any of his three finalists: Alabama, Ohio State, and Tennessee. I'll stick with my prediction of Bama for now, but I may change it to the Bucks or Vols before signing day. One thing I definitely do know: No decision has been made.


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