2014 RB Mikale Wilbon Could be Nearing a Buckeye Offer

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July 30, 2012 at 12:41 am

With the Buckeyes only taking one running back in the 2013 class, St. Louis (MO) half back, Ezekiel Elliott, it's time to look ahead to running backs that could potentially be in the 2014 class. One of the top 2014 targets is Chicago (IL) De la Salle Institute running back, Mikale Wilbon. The Buckeyes have yet to extend an offer to Wilbon, but I feel he could get one once the staff see him play a few games this year. The only offer Wilbon holds to this date is an offer from Purdue. Other schools showing interest is Wilbon, but like the Buckeyes have not yet offered are Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. I caught up with Mikale to talk about his communication with the staff and experience at Friday Night Lights: Keep reading to get the latest on rising 2014 running back, Mikale Wilbon.

Camp: "It was a good experience. I met former players and coaches. I had the chance to speak with Coach Vrabel, Coach Drayton, and Coach Meyer at the end of camp. They gave me good feedback. I feel good about Ohio State, I think they may be close to offering."

Coaches: "They told me they were going to recruit me really hard and said I performed well."

How often he talks to coaches: "I talk to both (Vrabel and Drayton) often. Jamarco was talking to Coach Vrabel one day and Coach Vrabel told Jamarco to have me call him and he invited me to Friday Night Lights. My mom met Coach Drayton yesterday and he was praising me. He loves how I run the ball. I only had a brief discussion with Coach Meyer though."

Did he visit campus?: "No, I didn't visit or go on a tour, but I'll probably do it soon, I'm not sure when though. The camp ended so late and I didn't think 11 PM would have been a good time to look around campus."

Could he see himself as a Buckeye?: "Of course I could see myself there. It would be a lot of fun. I still want to see the academic side. I want to major in business administration."

Leaders?: "Not now. I'm just going through the process right now. Purdue was the first team to offer me and it was really exciting."

Timetable: "I don't know yet. I'll probably know before me senior year."

Potential package deal with teammate Jamarco Jones: "We've been talking about that lately. Even before we started getting offers, myself, Jamarco, and our teammate Shelby Spence talked about how cool it would be to go to the same school."

Factors: That's a good question. Probably the education side, campus, and the football program."

Future visits: "I might check out Purdue or Ohio State before the summer is over. Not sure if I could fit both into my schedule."

I'm a very big fan of Wilbon and think the Buckeyes will eventually extend an offer his way. In my opinion, he's better than all the running backs the Buckeyes have "offered" thus far in the 2014 class and has very good speed, making him a good fit for the spread. He was easily the best running back at FNL in my opinion.



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