13' LB Trey Johnson's Official Visit

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November 26, 2012 at 8:42 pm

I spoke to 2013 LB target Trey Johnson's coach, Todd Wofford once again a couple of hours ago to get the scoop on Trey's official visit to Ohio State this past weekend. Here's what I found out:

  • Visit: "He's really excited about it. Trey and his dad both had a great time there. He really liked the atmosphere, the team, and how they got along. He liked the facilities and stadium a lot too."
  • Coaches: "He talked to Coach Fickell and Coach Meyer. They told him he could play as early as next year because fits what they need at linebacker with his athleticism and speed."
  • Chizik/Auburn: "It's pretty big because that's the staff he committed to and the staff that had recruited him for a long time. Plus not having a Coach puts them in a bad spot for them."
  • Visits: "He's taking visits to Florida and Penn State next month, then is going to visit USC in January."
  • Timetable: "He's not quite ready yet. I don't think he wants to rush anything, but he knows the clock is ticking and signing day is coming up. I think he wants to make it official a couple of weeks before signing day to help  the school he chooses recruit."
  • Looking for..."He's looking for stability, that's number one, how he fits into the scheme, and coaches."
  • Leader: "I wouldn't necessarily say Auburn is in the lead. He's most familiar with the school, but not the coaching staff. They have just as much of a chance as the other schools."
  • In-home visits: "Coach Fickell is coming Wednesday, USC tomorrow, and Florida later in the week."

I'll be keeping in touch with Coach Wofford for information on Johnson's recruitment.

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