2014 Bowl Bans for University of Idaho and UNLV; Is Tennessee Next?

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April 27, 2014 at 12:36 am

 Concerned about low graduation rates of student athletes, since 2004 the NCAA has set minimum academic standards, based on the Academic Performance Rate (APR), to help ensure schools prioritize athletes success in school. in 2014 the APR four year average for football teams to be bowl eligible raised from an APR of 900 to 930.

Because of this increase, both the University of Idaho and UNLV already have a 2014 bowl ban. There is speculation that at least three more schools will fail to meet the NCAA's ARP standards and face a bowl ban. Out of the major conferences, the schools with the lowest four year average ARPs for 2013 were:

However Tennessee had the lowest APR in FBS football last year with a score of 909. For Tennessee to be bowl eligible for 2014, they will need an APR score of at least 956-which is higher than they've ever scored.

Now I'm sure you're also wondering where Ohio State comes out?

The answer is our APR is in the top ten and ahead of any "Michigan Men."


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