Why not Tressel?

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October 20, 2011 at 5:51 pm

With all the recent talk about Urban Meyer's inevitability as the next head coach of our beloved Buckeyes, I have to ask you all:  what's the argument against re-hiring Jim Tressel?  It was Ramzy's moving article describing the unseen good that Jim Tressel did as head coach that originally brought me to this website.  So if we all know what a quality human being Jim Tressel is, and we all know what an amazing head coach he was, then why are we not supporting him as the next head coach?


I ask you, if you could have anyone, wouldn't it be Tressel?  Do you care what ESPN thinks?  Do you care what the NCAA thinks?  Do you care what ANYBODY else thinks who doesn't care about Buckeye football?  Then get behind this movement:  RE-HIRE TRESSEL!  (Seriously.)

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