5 Things Buckeye fans can do to fight Media bias

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November 17, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Media bias against Ohio State is at its peak. The recently released AP rank in which Baylor jumped OSU is another example. I am tired of hearing rants from Buckeye fans about how the media is unfair and all other fans/media are crazy. As as Blog owner myself, I understand and agree that its all about Website Clicks, which translates to more ad revenue. Add to it the success of the BTN. ESPN, who has a 15-year deal with SEC, is trying very hard to make B1G teams irrelevant and discredit their games. So here in this post, I suggest that we stand united and do the following to fight the media.
Here is what I think we could do moving forward.
1. Stop watching ESPN - This is hard as many good games are on ESPN network. And we are small dogs barking at a mountain that is ESPN/Disney. But ESPN is catering to its audience. They are doing what brings them money. Buckeye fans, due to their loyalty, keep fighting and arguing them which only brings more money for them and the cycle continues. So let us ignore them.
2. Stop Reading ESPN articles - There are good blogs, including our own 11W. Its all we need to find out any OSU news. So let us stop giving ESPN (other Media articles that is biased) the clicks that bring them the money. They will be forced to try something different. Again if you think we are too small to cause a dent, then guess what, we are too small to argue against them and get our point across.
3. Recommend Good Unbiased Articles even if they are against OSU - If you find any good unbiased articles, share it with every buckeye fan you know. Let us give those articles the clicks they deserve. More money through such articles means more similar/unbiased posts. Again, we should know when to stop as if pro-OSU content brings more money the Media would take it to the other extreme to make money. So let us not loose sight on the "unbiased" part.
4. Stop commenting on biased Posts/Articles - Every anti OSU article has tons of comments/arguments. OSU's fanbase, in fact the B1G's fanbase, is huge. So any anti-B1G news brings a lot of arguments from both sides. The longer a visitor stays on a website the more money it makes. So let us stop commenting on biased articles. Again, trying to get your point across to irrational fans is like barking at a mountain. If there is no one to argue those fans would stop commenting too and loser here becomes the media. This applies to replying to anti-OSU tweets too. If someone continues to tweet biased statements then stop following him/her.
5. Never stop cheering for the Buckeyes - No matter what the media says, these are our guys. Let us enjoy the run and try to have fun along the way. If we get into the NCG...great! If not, let us cheer for the Buckeyes to go to the Rose Bowl and beat the crap out of the Pac 12 Champ.
Again, it is all about the money. So let us try to stop feeding into the money stream. If you have other great ideas, please so share with everybody.

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