Really ESPN, really?

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July 12, 2011 at 12:32 pm

So in case you haven't heard ESPN has turned up the witch-hunt-o-meter to 11.  Yes, THE FOUR LETTER is suing Ohio State.  Stop the Presses!!! Here is a tidbit from their complaint filed in the Ohio State Supreme Court on July 11th...."In short, when times are good, Ohio State lets the world know.  When times are bad, however, not so much."  All I can say is SERIOUSLY that's legalese?

Word is that ESPN has had reporters in Columbus for months now turning over every stone, buckeye leaf, tattoo needle, former player, and former roommate of a former player's girlfriend in order to get more scoop on any shenanigans at Ohio State.  They ran with a story from a self described "ex-friend" of Terrelle Pryor's claiming that Pryor had sold his John Hancock for several thousands of dollars.  The number they used was seemingly pulled out of thin air by using some sort of abacus that only ESPN's math department knows exists.  That story gained as much traction as FDR on a bender trying to do ballet on a slip-n-slide covered in Astroglide.

So what does ESPN do? Well they invested all this time in finding scoop and keep coming up empty.  Of course they decided to go George Dorhmann on us.  By that I mean they are grasping at straws and appear to be extremely desperate. I mean that worked out well for Dohrmann  The guy who spent months in Columbus investigating Ohio State came up with a story about a raffle at a football camp in 1985 and then decided to smear the names of 9 student athletes based on the ramblings of an anonymous ex-con.  Solid......NOT.

ESPN thinks that they are entitled to the email communications between Jim Tressel and Ted Sarniak.  Ohio State has refused to release them because of FERPA rules that protect the behavior and or academic standing of student athletes.  The focus of these emails was in fact a student athlete.  Tressel was discussing Terrelle Pryor's involvement in the tat-for-memorabilia scandal with a man who has been described as Pryor's mentor.

Certainly the NCAA has seen these emails, and certainly they saw them prior to issuing a notice of allegations that focused on Jim Tressel alone.  The notice of allegations didn't focus on Doug Archie (the head of OSU's compliance dept), or E. Gordon Gee or Gene Smith, or anyone else in the Ohio State administration.  It focused on Tressel being the lone ranger who covered up the rules violations by his players.

This situation reminds me of a 5-year-old who is told that he can't have a new Transformer toy but doesn't like being told no.  So he throws a tantrum until he gets his way because he thinks it will work.  ESPN is the tantrum throwing 5-year-old here in case you missed that.  All they can hope to gain is more information to smear Jim Tressel's name and image.  The man has been fired and embarrassed enough hasn't he?  He isn't protecting state secrets from the CIA.  The university is citing an often used protective measure that is designed to protect students.  Perhaps the university is over-using FERPA.  However, I really fail to see why ESPN would care so deeply in this case.  What's done is done and Jim Tressel is unemployed.  Grow the heck up and move on ESPN.

Best case scenario.  Ohio State wins the lawsuit, decides to release the emails anyhow and they are primarily focused on Tressel and Sarniak sharing recipes for shish kabobs or icanhascheezburger pics.

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