Jim Bollman haters, please read

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October 2, 2011 at 12:51 am

This is a breakdown of each offensive play that was on TV.  I think you will see that execution was the problem today.  Not play calling.

So the first 2 series basically weren't on TV except for the 3rd and 9 play on the 2nd possesion.

3rd and 9, Miller runs directly up the middle into 2 blitzing LB's on an option play that was set up to go outside.  Blocked well for the outside run, not executed.

3rd SERIES down 7-0.  1st down, zone read, Miller should have kept the ball as the middle of the field was wide open instead he mistakenly gives to Hall who picks up 4 on pure effort.  Stoneburner TOTAL whiff or the misread play might actually go for big yards.  His man makes the tackle and he doesn't come within 3 yards of making a block.

2nd down, Option that Miller doesn't sell at all, blocked PERFECTLY.  Even with the terribly early pitch that doesn't force the unblocked DE to declare AT ALL Hyde picks up a 1st down.  Holding by Chris Fields.  Now 2nd and long......screwed.

2nd and 12.  Shugarts blocks the wrong player and leaves the backside DE open.  If Shugarts makes his block Hall gains at least 5 yards as it was set up nicely.

3rd and 13.  Option look drop back...Shugarts whiffs again......Miller trips over his own feet in the face of pressure and darn near throws a pick on a terrible decision.

4th SERIES, backed up to own 14 yard line

1st down, I formation lead run to Hyde.  Marcus Hall sucks at guard and Boren has to try block Jerel Worthy (fail).  No gain.

2nd and long, I formation Hyde makes the safety miss on a perfectly blocked play and gains 8 yards.  Now 3rd and manageable.

3rd and 3, shotgun with 4 wides, great read by Miller as Fields is uncovered off the line.  Easy pitch and catch for a first down.

1st down, I formation lead for Hyde.  Stoneburner again whiffs completely and the backside DE makes the play.  Gains 5.

2nd and 5, shotgun with Hyde and Boren flanking.........effing Shugarts false start.

2nd and 10 same formation, low snap, Miller craps his pants and falls on the ball.

3rd and 14, Miller under center, screen for Hyde....well set up except Hyde runs into a DLineman and falls down.  Miller has to scramble and gains nothing.


False start Linsley.......now 1st and 15

I formation stretch , Brewster doesn't make his block, short gain by Hall.

2nd and 13, I formation, play action, tons of time, ball blocked by DLineman.

3rd and 13, shotgun single set back, trips to top of formation, fake to Hall blocked perfectly, strike to Fields and 1st down.

1st and 10, I formation, play action, great pocket, Boren picks up blitzing LB, Miller craps his pants and basically falls down.  SACK COMPLETELY ON HIM, Boren called for bogus chop block and it's now 1st and 25.

1st and 25, play action, again Miller has a pocket that he doesn't use, tucks and looks like his shoes are tied together.  SACK COMPLETELY ON HIM.  Illegal hands to face bails him out.

1st and 10, I formation, motion with Fragel, play action, Miller throws deep to D. Smith and makes a decent throw, 50-50 ball that is picked off.


Pinned inside own 20,

1st and 10, Wildcat with Hall, gains 5.

2nd and 5, I formation, safety makes good open field tackle on well blocked lead play, gains 4.

3rd and 1, I formation, David Durham in at fullback, Hall picks up 1st down.

1st and 10, I formation Mewhort completely whiffs on Worthy and obviously Miller is not adjusting his snap counts because MSU knows exactly when the ball is going to be snapped.  Loss of 5

2nd and 15, Miller bobbles a perfect shotgun snap, freaks out and doesn't let play develop, throws quickly to Reed for gain of 5.  No reason to throw so quickly.

3rd and 10, I formation, blitz, Mewhort blocks air, SACK.


1st and 10, I formation, lead/stretch play for Hall, safety is crashing in hard on run support, Hall gets what he can and gains 5.

2nd and 5, I formation, great blocking even though Worthy clearly knows what the snap count is.  Hall gains 10 for a first down.

1st and 10. I formation, lead play, excellent blocking, Hall gains 7.

2nd and 3, I formation, Shugarts for some reason lets his man get inside him by taking a false step to the outside, DE comes across and blows up play.  Otherwise very well blocked. No gain

3rd and 3, shotgun 4 wides, draw play, terrible read by Miller, no one is even covering Stoney and the LB covering the slot blitzes.  Should have been changed to a quick pass and would have been an easy pitch and catch 1st down.

8th SERIES, down 10-0

1st and 10, I formation, Sprint out DAVE, set up nicely to get Miller outside.......FALSE START Mewhort.

1st and 15,  I formation, Hall completely misses the hole and runs directly into a tackle, play was set up nicely if he simply follows Boren through the hole.

2nd and 17, shotgun 4 wides, Miller freaks again with no pressure in his face, doesn't let play develop AT ALL and immediately looks to his outlet Hyde out of the backfield.........personal foul defenseless receiver moves the ball.

1st and 10, offset I formation, DAVE, well blocked, Hall is running with his eyes closed or something and runs directly into Shugarts and the man he has walled off.  Set up very well for at least 5-7 yards if he follows the blocks properly.

2nd and 9, I formation, motion with D Smith, play action, nice pocket, Miller doesn't step and tucks it, sacks himself.

3rd and 16, shotgun sprint out, Miller doesn't let play develop again, Brewster doesn't get a great block, there are open receviers, but Miller isn't looking at anyone, he bounces around and gains 3.

9th SERIES, Bauserman

1st and 10, bad pass to open Boren in the flat, pick penalty called

1st and 18 on the 8 yards line, I formation, run blitz Hall loses a yard.

2nd and 19, I formation, bootleg, Stoney stops his route and only gains 4 yards.

3rd and 15, Shotgun, 7 rushers, Bauserman almost escapes but is sacked.


1st and 10, Shotgun sprint out, corner blitz, Bauserman doesn't see it, and gets sacked.

2nd and 15, I formation, play action, Bauserman thows it 10 yards too far for Smith.

3rd and 15, shotgun 3 wides, break down of line, SACK.


1st and 10 backed up to own 7, play action, open Fields, Bauserman overthrows him.

2nd and 10, I formation, Stoney whiffs completely, Hall does well to gain 5 yards.

3rd and 5, shotgun 3 wides, D back leaps over Hall and Bauserman is deer in headlights........SACK.


1st and 10, shotgun Bauserman finally looks warmed up, strike to Reed.

1st and 10, shotgun 3 wides ,wide open Reed, ball in dirt.

2nd and 10, shotgun, corner blitz, Bauserman checks down to Hyde, gains 3.

3rd and 7, shotgun Hyde whiffs on block, Bauserman hits Reed for 1st down.

1st and 10, shotgun, trips, Bauserman double and triple hitches and throws one near no one.

2nd and 10, shotgun, Bauserman misses wide open Fields in the seam, could have been caught, but really not a good throw.

3rd and 10, shotgun, blitz, well picked up, throw in the dirt to T.Y. Williams who was wide open.

4th and 10 shotgun, Stoney whiffs on a block forcing Bauserman to move, he still has a wide open Hall in the flat, throws it over his head.

13th SERIES............Buckeyes score.

Seriously folks I don't know what to tell you if you think the play calling is the problem with this team.  Poor execution is the problem.  A true freshman QB who is scared and doesn't have ANY patience is the problem. An old QB who can't hit the broad side of a barn is the problem.  A tight end who absolutely refuses to block anyone is the problem.  Please tape the games and watch them again if you really want to bag on the coaches.  This loss is ALL ON THE PLAYERS.  They didn't execute the plays that were called.

Sure I would like to see a bubble screen to Corey Brown, but he is hurt.  I think the Wildcat is a great addition to the offense.  More of that would be in order.  The play calling is fine.  The players are not.  You simply have to execute on 1st down, especially with a young QB, and this team failed to do that time and time again.  Not because of the play call, but because of false starts or holds or missed blocks or missed holes.


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