Is the B1G ignoring Oklahoma or not?

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September 6, 2011 at 11:14 am

So OU's President essentially "turned on the red light" regarding the future conference affiliation of the Sooners this past week.  Should the B1G get into the fray with Oklahoma? 

I say yes, and for that matter I think Kansas and Missouri should be strongly considered as well.

For what it's worth this is what I would like to see out of the inevitable march to 16 teams.

Add Pitt, a natural rival for Penn State that shores up the Pennsylvania market.

Add Kansas and Missouri.  These two are a package deal in my opinion that would solidify the addition of Nebraska by being long time Big 8 rivals.  A great rivalry that adds the St Louis and Kansas City markets to the conference fold.

Add Oklahoma.  Why let the Pac or the SEC take this huge fish without putting out some feelers to guage interest?

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