Dohrmann and Evans SI Piece

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September 10, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Perhaps I am too close to the situation to give an objective opinion on the matter, but I am going to give it anyhow.  My wife's family all went to Oklahoma State and my FIL played football there.  To say they bleed orange is certainly an understatement.  I have attended numerous Okie State football and basketball games and my in-laws are very supportive of the athletic department as O Club Members since I have known them for the past 13 years.  So I am certainly emotionally invested in what is going down this week.
That being said I have to say that what I have read so far is really not a big surprise.  I seriously doubt that any major college football program in the country doesn't have stories of stuffed envelopes, cash-handshakes, and out of control boosters.  Those stories have existed for as long as I can remember caring about college football.  Of course, there is more to come from Evans and Dohrmann.  Academic fraud, you don't say!!  College kids having sex, stop the presses!!  
Sure as a Buckeye fan I am a little touchy when I hear the name George Dohrmann, but I don't think that completely prevents me from looking at the "evidence" he has presented with a grain of salt.  The more I think about it the more I ask myself why?  What is his motivation for continuing down the path of Wannabe-Woodward & Bernstein?  ​Yes, we all know he won a Pulitzer and I suppose he wants to taste that nectar again, but give me a break with this crap.  10 months in Stillwater to come up with a handful of guys who allege things that we all know exist in more college football programs than we might care to believe.
I will pay attention to the rest of the articles with my eyebrow raised, and I will continue to support my wife's family by attending the KU-OSU game on November 9 this season, and some hoops games this winter, and a football game next season.  College sports are wildly entertaining and I will continue to attend as many events as my pocketbook allows for as long as I can drag my body into a stadium.  George Dohrmann can frankly go fuck himself. 

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