#2, yep that about sums it up

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October 12, 2011 at 9:41 am

The curse of #2 is in full effect.

Not only do we all have hallucinations of #2 arm punting and gliding his way past opposing defenders effortlessly, but so far this season the current #2's have been about as good as that other "Number Two".

Rod Smith played himself out of a role on the team with a couple of poorly timed fumbles, and with the return of Boom is doubtful to make his way between the lines against anyone not named Indiana.

The heartburn that Smith caused us as #2 is a distant memory by now though.  Smith was not going to make or break this team in the long run because of depth at RB.  He has a chance to become a contributor in 2012 or 2013 perhaps.

The other #2 is a source of much more consternation presently.  Christian Bryant has taken over the role at the revolving-door-safety-spot and his performance against Nebraska can only be summed up as an EPIC FAIL.  Bryant has been described as "fiery" and clearly enjoys making tackles and standing over the victim while talking noise.  He is very aggressive and is definitely the player most likely to get flagged for leading with his helmet.  However, in a couple of situations this past Saturday when being overly aggressive was the incorrect course of action #2 completely and blatantly  "Number Two'ed down his leg". 

While Smith's "Number Two" performances did lead to some heartburn Bryant's "Number Two" performances led to 14 points for the bad guys.  BRUTAL!!!!!

As anyone who has read my blogs will know I feel that Buckeye Nation is presently being punished by the Football Gods.  No clearer example exists to me than the fact that #2's have played so poorly this season.  Sure it's just a number and can't really mean anything.  However, with the wounds of the early 2011 so fresh and borderline gangrenous the #2 curse is very real in my mind.

Let's pray for a speedy exorcism.

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