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Thank you message board

This is a collection of thoughts as I transition to a phase in my life that simply won't allow me to spend as much time in a world that I fully embraced for the past 8 years.  I bid you a fond farewell message board world.  Well it's not a complete break up, but there is just no way I c...
15 Feb 2014
by Maestro

A view from the nosebleeds

Well, that sucked. I should have known the night wasn't going to go well when I approached my seat and a bloated, beer-soaked bro was sitting in it.  Said bro moved over and said to his Dad "damn I hit my head really hard on that seat, I am kinda embarrassed." Very unfortunately...
08 Dec 2013
by Maestro

This is so terribly tragic Star SM West receiver Andre Maloney not expected to recover from stroke October 4 BY SAM MCDOWELL The Kansas City Star Shawnee Mission West High School senior Andre Maloney is in vegetative state after suffering ...
04 Oct 2013
by Maestro

Dohrmann and Evans SI Piece

Perhaps I am too close to the situation to give an objective opinion on the matter, but I am going to give it anyhow.  My wife's family all went to Oklahoma State and my FIL played football there.  To say they bleed orange is certainly an understatement.  I have attended numerous ...
10 Sep 2013
by Maestro

Top 25 Breakdown

     College football needs an offseason like Weird Al needs a weirdness coach, like cycling needs a doping scandal, like television needs feminine hygiene and E.D. ads, like this guy needs some free time.  You get it right?  If you don’t than I am certain that Bl...
22 Aug 2012
by Maestro

Schadenfreude has its finest hour

I had the pleasure of witnessing the 2012 HR Derby in Kansas City last night and I have to say that the Robinson Cano exhibition was quite an experience.  For those who don't know the background of the situation or have been living under a rock Cano made a humongous gaffe when he stated tha...
10 Jul 2012
by Maestro

Statistical analysis of the bowl teams/games

Initially posted at This is a statistical analysis of bowl games.  I took national rankings in 13 different categories to give each bowl team a score.  The categories were total offense, total defense, scoring offense, scoring defense, penalties, ...
15 Dec 2011
by Maestro

Florida vs Ohio State offensive balance

2006 Florida Offense : 33.2 rushing attempts per game vs 28.5 passing attempts per game (54/46 split) 2006 Ohio State Offense : 36.7 rushing attempts per game vs 26.1 passing attempts per game (58/42 split)   2007 Florida Offense : 37.5 rushing attempts per game vs 27.8 passing a...
15 Nov 2011
by Maestro

Perhaps having a productive offense isn't so easy

Here is the scenario Team A plays against Team B. Weather, low temperature of the day 53 degrees F, high temp 84 degrees F, avg wind speed 2.5 mph, precipitation 0.0 inches Team A has 194 total yards of offense on 59 plays for an average of 3.3 yards per play against Team B. Team ...
18 Oct 2011
by Maestro

So 4 passes or 34 passes which is better?

I was listening to some Mizzou fans this morning on the radio discussing their beat down of Iowa State on Saturday.  They were thrilled that the Tigers ran the ball 58 times on Saturday and that Henry Josey (averaging 10 yards per carry this season) finally carried the ball a season high 19 ...
17 Oct 2011
by Maestro

#2, yep that about sums it up

The curse of #2 is in full effect. Not only do we all have hallucinations of #2 arm punting and gliding his way past opposing defenders effortlessly, but so far this season the current #2's have been about as good as that other "Number Two". Rod Smith played himself out of a...
12 Oct 2011
by Maestro

What did we do to deserve this?

Buckeye Nation, I beg you to repent, ask for forgiveness, sacrifice a chicken or something. I know there are long suffering fan bases throughout this great nation.  I know there are lovable losers and plenty of folks who have had their collective hearts ripped out by their favorite sport...
10 Oct 2011
by Maestro

Jim Bollman haters, please read

This is a breakdown of each offensive play that was on TV.  I think you will see that execution was the problem today.  Not play calling. So the first 2 series basically weren't on TV except for the 3rd and 9 play on the 2nd possesion. 3rd and 9, Miller runs directly up the ...
02 Oct 2011
by Maestro

Rotating Captains killed Kennedy

So after reading that permanent captains would have undoubtedly prevented the Jammmmaaaaaal (I can never remember if it's 2 m's or 2 a's or both) Berry "situation" from occurring I have come to the conclusion that Luke Fickell is a complete failure as a head coach. A lot...
30 Sep 2011
by Maestro

What about Gary Pinkel?

Akron native. Kent State grad. MAC Champion coach. Has brought in some serious NFL talent to play at Missouri. Downside is that he is almost 60, but I never see his name mentioned by the REPLACE FICKELL YESTERDAY folks. Just think he is an option that would be very solid and c...
22 Sep 2011
by Maestro

Is the B1G ignoring Oklahoma or not?

So OU's President essentially "turned on the red light" regarding the future conference affiliation of the Sooners this past week.  Should the B1G get into the fray with Oklahoma?  I say yes, and for that matter I think Kansas and Missouri should be strongly considered...
06 Sep 2011
by Maestro

Really ESPN, really?

So in case you haven't heard ESPN has turned up the witch-hunt-o-meter to 11.  Yes, THE FOUR LETTER is suing Ohio State.  Stop the Presses!!! Here is a tidbit from their complaint filed in the Ohio State Supreme Court on July 11th...."In short, when times are good, Ohio State l...
12 Jul 2011
by Maestro

Tressel write ups

Jim Tressel's Last Punt January 4, 2011.  Ohio State leads the Sugar Bowl 31-26 with just over 1 minute left.  4th down and short.  Coach Tressel calls a punt to make Arkansas drive the length of the field to win.  It's blocked and Ohio State is as good as dead. ...
08 Jun 2011
by Maestro