High School Cheeleader With Brain Tumor/Cancer

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September 20, 2012 at 8:56 pm

There is a senior high school cheerleader here in my town who had a brain tumor and just went through 9+ hours of surgery yesterday.  They got the majority of it, but not all and found that she actually has a rare form of cancer.  This has been a trying time for her family and our community.  These things aren't supposed to happen to a kid.  One minute she is cheering for her team and the next she is laying in the hospital fighting for her life.  It sure puts a few dropped passes or a bad 3rd quarter in perspective.  You can find pics and info on the facebook site "Support for Court."  Courtney is a vibrant beautiful kid and the community is rallying around her fight.  Everyone is wearing purple (her favorite color) in support and this Friday's game between Cardington and Highland everyone will be donning purple from what I hear (even the other team's fans).  If anyone out there knows anyway that we can do something special for this kid let me know.  I'm talking maybe a phone call from someone semi-famous offering encouragement or a visit or just a written note.  It's moments like these when Tress would take time out of his busy schedule and make something happen.  Any ideas out there?  I did get the OSU Cheer squad to commit to visiting her next week at Nationwide Children's and maybe that's the best I can do but I'm on a mission for this kid because when I was 16 years old I was an athlete at this same school and I broke my neck and was left paralyzed and if it weren't for the support and love that was shown me by my friends and my community back then I couldn't have made it.  If you've ever been there you understand.  Being an athletic young independent kid one minute and then suddenly completely dependent on everyone around you for your very survival.  The emotional toll that takes is unreal.  There were many times I wanted to give up, but again the cards, the visits, and the support kept me going.  I moved away for awhile but came back to this small town to raise my own kids and I have spent the past 9 years coaching Jr High Basketball and even longer coaching our summer Little League team.  You give back to those who gave to you in life and I am positing this just in case someone has an idea for something really cool for this kid and/or her family. 

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