Cheat? Who Cheats?

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October 4, 2013 at 9:53 am

I attended the annual OHSAA Basketball Coaching Clinic in Columbus this past Sunday and the final speaker of the night was a retired coach that shocked me by telling us all how he cheated at Clemson when he coached there.  I guess he wrote a book or something about it already, but he said that no matter what he does to this day he can't get over the fact that he violated the game that he loved.  His message was meant to remind everyone else to "do it right" because he has a hard time living with what he did.  He also told us how coaches actually do it - how it works with all of the boosters and benefits.  Then he went on to say that anyone who thinks this isn't going on today at many colleges isn't being honest with themselves.  Whether it's basketball or football it is going on at an alarming pace.  He even claims that he can back up his claims that there are now several big name coaches/programs doing it right now, but that he has no desire or reason to go public with those names.  Now I think we all know that most big programs are skirting some rules and there are a lot of hidden things going on, but to hear a coach who has been there stand in front of everyone and say, "Yeah I couldn't win so I bought in and played the game" is eye-opening.  Reminded me so much of that Nick Nolte movie "Blue Chips."  I felt bad for the guy because he is now older and seems like he lives with a lot of regret, but he can't go back and change it.  I am at work as I write this so I can't look up his name to tell you who he actually was but boy did he get the room's attention!  All I remember was he coached at Clemson many years ago.

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