Nebraska Uniforms

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October 2, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Hello my fellow buckeye fans,
So this is my first time on the website and making a blogpost so here it goes!  This website has given me so much information that I wanted to somehow give back the buckeye family and community  So to everyone in this website, I thank you.  How about that game vs msu, it was nice to shut up those Spartans and their fans.  I didn’t realize through my hatred for ttun how much I actually hate msu as well.  Maybe it is just the whole state of Michigan that annoys all of us buckeyefans.  I was watching the Nebraska vs wisky game and saw the different Jerseys.  I remember last year for the wisky night game that we wore those different jersey which were a nike combat uniform.  Does anyone know if we are wearing any combat uni's for the nebraska game, kinda like we did last year for wisconsin?  I know we wore those different jerseys last year and beat wisky with them but was wondering if we are gonna wear combat uni's for this game or for THE Game?  I was just asking.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and comment if you know the answer.  Let’s go BUCKS!

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