HorseShoe Night games

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October 4, 2012 at 11:48 pm

Hey buckeye fans,
Who is all ready for this Nebraska game.  I want to destroy those cornhuskers and Bo Pelini, I am not a big fan of the cornhuskers but I am glad they beat Wisky because well we all know how buckeye fans feel about Wisky and their coach.  I am pumped for the game, a night game in Columbus always brings out the best in Buckeye fans.  Let's show Nebraska what it means to come to the horseshoe for a night game.Question for you, does anybody know why we don't have a lot more night games?  I guess every school has 1-3 a season depending on opponents and what not like the SEC has a bunch I know that, but is there any reason why we don't have more night games than just one?  Is it tv contracts or something like that?  I was just wondering because I was reading an article on one of websites talking about OSU night games and it said that they did not have that many of them and I did not know why.  Thank you for all of those people who answer my question and read this blog post of mine.  Thanks Buckeye fans!  AND LET'S GO BUCKS!

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