The Offensive Play Calling in the Big Ten Championship Game

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December 9, 2013 at 9:14 pm

I am surprised that Coach Meyer/Coach Herman did not throw everything at MSU the way Michigan did to OSU the week prior. I thought Coach Meyer and Coach Herman would play like there was no tomorrow but they did not. What happen to the short passing game, you mean to tell me Braxton Miller could not have thrown a 10 to 15 yard pass to a tight end or receiver to loosen up MSU"s defensive front, and I do not recall seeing any reverses or slants. Dontre Wilson and Philly Brown could have been used on reverses. Chris Fields ( the hero of the Purdue game of 2012 along with Kenny Guiton) could have been used. Chris Fields can catch better than Evan Spencer. I believe he would have held onto that first down pass from Braxton Miller. Carlos Hyde was grossly under used. Coach Meyer/Coach Herman could have used Jordan Hall and Eze Elliott to spell Carlos when he needed a break. Rod Smith could have gotten a carry or two. I have not seen Rod Smith carry the ball in a long time. I wander is it because Coach Meyer fears he will fumble the ball away? Braxton Miller has a fumbling problem but his playing time has not been cut. Coach Meyer is an innovator, but he was not innovative in the biggest game of the year. When OSU scored 24 unanswered points I thought the offense was going to take over the game the rest of the way. It had in my opinion the same feel to it that the Nebraska game of 2012 had when OSU's offense completely took over the game. Coach Meyer and Coach Herman pulled out all the stops in that game. Nebraska's defense was completely confused. I know that MSU has a better defense than Nebraska, But MSU's defense was on the ropes,but unfortunately  Coach Meyer and Coach Herman's play calling  on offense became increasingly more predictable  after they went on a 24-0 run. I guess it just goes to show that even top notch coaches have bad days.    

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