PSU Going For Broke

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October 22, 2012 at 9:41 am

All the love headed the direction of PSU is a little skewed. O'Brien getting the attention he has is partly for these reasons. With four years of bowl bans and big scholarship losses upcoming they have nothing to lose. O'Brien has nothing to lose. He will be a hero in the eyes of the faithful for being there during the tough times even with a .400 winning percentage. But this is why PSU being the best team in the B1G it is a skewed perception. They, PSU and O'Brien, have no consequences. They are in prison for a few years. They go for it on 4th down a high percentage of the time and with success on many of these attempts. O'Brien cannot lose so why not? HE HAS NOTHING TO LOSE. If they turn the ball over on downs, so what? HE WILL NOT LOSE HIS JOB. No one else wants it. He will not be under the scrutiny of the fans, he is a hero no matter what. WE ARE NOT COMPARING APPLES TO APPLES WITH ANYONE WITHIN THE LEAGUE TO THEM FOR THIS REASON. What if Urban went for it on 4th down 65% of the time, even on the OSU side of the field, which PSU does often, and he only made it say 15% of the time? Think we would call for his head for stupid decisions? We would eventually if not immediately. No coach within the league can operate in the same manner without massive and immediate outcry from their fanbases. In hearing how great PSU is this hasn't come up at all that I have personally heard. Maybe it has and I have not been privy to it but it must be taken into consideration. No other coach can operate under these same parameters and retain their jobs unless they would be uber successful. It is not a fair comparison that I would think most should or would consider as being accurate. Not taking anything away from what they have done schematically with a former walk on QB and all but the outcomes of the games they have played would have been different if there was indeed something to lose. As much as I cannot stand the thought of that place for obvious reasons I must give them credit for what they have otherwise managed to accomplish.

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