Why You Shouldn't Freak Out About The 2014 Class

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April 16, 2013 at 1:00 am

I've seen a few partial panic-mode posts the last few days regarding the shape of our 2014 recruiting class, so I thought this blog was worth making.

Here are your reasons why you shouldn't freak out about the 2014 class:
1) It's April 16th (as of midnight), that means there are around 10 more months until National Signing Day
2) OSU went undefeated last season, how many times in your life have you been able to say that?
3) Our coach is Urban Meyer
4) We might miss on Hand and Peppers -- but hey, we didn't have a single player in the Rivals Top 25 last year, and yet we still managed the #2 class overall. Who says you need to have the top few players to have an elite class?
5) This time last year: we had 8 commits.
Right now: we have 7 commits.
16 of our 24 commits from the consensus #2 overall 2013 class came after today's date last year. This year will be a smaller class -- with that in mind, we're actually right on schedule! The season will bring victories, and with those victories recruits; so fear not, Urban always gets his man!*

*Or a reasonable approximation of, or a better version (see Mike Mitchell vs Alex Italian-Name-Guy) of; the point being, even if Urban doesn't get his first target, the nature of HS football/the camp cycle, is that a whole lot of new targets will develop. Coaches will be fired and resign, causing recruits to decommit. And OSU will once again be a preeminent program, drawing in recruits who otherwise might have gone elsewhere. The night is young! Feel free to add your own reasons to my list!

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