Most Essential Ohio Get?

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April 11, 2013 at 3:02 pm

After reading in Gene's Quick Bits thread that Marshon Lattimore plans to visit Michigan (not a huge surprise), it got me to thinking about the sort of meltdown many fans might have if we miss on Lattimore this year -- not to mention, if Michigan were to get him haha. I feel a bit spoiled in the sense that it seems like every year lately between Coaches Meyer and formerly Tressel (both excellent recruiters, both largely engineering high points in OSU football win-wise) we manage to snag almost all of the top 5-10 Ohio talents. There have been some misses: we all remember he-who-must-not-be-Kalised, for example. Also, in doing some quick research I found that 2010 was arguably the year we missed out on the most Ohio talent in recent memory (only grabbed 3 of the top 20 Ohioans that year) -- but we did manage to land some underrated out-of-staters who've since been terrific (Big Hank, Bradley Roby, etc).

I was wondering what, if any, Ohioans you feel like are essential gets for this particular class? Either by team needs or in securing top Ohio talent in general?

List of Rivals' current ranking of Ohio talent:;_ylt=Atl2gjbC58XdPiB79S7XuZx2tJB4

^Couple of points of interest to me:
*I was suprised how much higher they have Nick Richardson (who OSU has not offered) ranked than Marcelys Jones
*Nilijah Ballew is an interesting prospect -- and one that I haven't heard almost anything about to this point; might be one of those late risers ala Gareon Conley last year.

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