SECFootballTalks On Top of the BCS

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October 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Look out again! The South Eastern Conference maybe holding on to that BCS National Title. The way Alabama and LSU are destroying everyone on the schedule. If the # 1 and #2 team LSU and Alabama has anything to say about it. The BCS National Title will be in the South Eastern Conference one more year. Will there be anyone left standing, when the season ends that is undefeated? Alabama and LSU are playing each other in a few weeks. One of them will be walking away with a win one with a loss. I guess the question after that game, will there be anyone walking at all? The way those teams play defense and the hits those guys are putting on opposing offenses. There may not be anyone left to play anymore games! For more information on the SEC try for up to date information on the players and the teams around the SEC.

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