Buckeyes, Buckeyes everywhere

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February 18, 2012 at 10:32 pm

I am interested in folks' recollections of far-flung places where they have run into their Buckeye brethren. Some of my own:

1) While living in Belize for two years where I was a biologist at an eco-lodge/research station, we were visited by an OSU Alumni Association tour group which stayed for three or four days. That was A LOT of fun. It just also happened that I was doing my twice-yearly trip home to Columbus on the same Continental flight the OSUAA group was on. That flight was flight #1492... the same plane all the way through from Belize City to Houston to Columbus. There was singing and cheering on the flight.

2) I've been OH-ed in southern Florida, Phoenix, and Olympic National Park (Washington).

3) There is a massive alumni base in southern California.

4) My first trail race was the Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving 2010. I was wearing an Ohio State hat. Just prior to the race I was OH-ed... I responded with an "IO". Then there was an "OH" from somewhere else. I responded again. Then there was another one... there were about a dozen OSU grads at that trail race in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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