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My Angeles Crest 100 Attempt

Thanks, guys and gals, for supporting my race attempt. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it done. I just woke up after something akin to a post-race coma and am finally getting some food down and trying to get my head on straight. My hands are cramping painfully (which shows how messed up I am), so I'll...
02 Aug 2015
by LABuckeye

Buckeyes, Buckeyes everywhere

I am interested in folks' recollections of far-flung places where they have run into their Buckeye brethren. Some of my own: 1) While living in Belize for two years where I was a biologist at an eco-lodge/research station, we were visited by an OSU Alumni Association tour group which stay...
18 Feb 2012
by LABuckeye

Meyer denies reports of Ohio State job

"After a weekend where his name was bounced around like a lotto ball, Urban Meyer set the record straight Monday. "The former Florida head football coach told The Sun he never interviewed for the Arizona job and has not interviewed for the Ohio State job. And if the Ohio State job i...
21 Nov 2011
by LABuckeye