Miami Thoughts, A Day Removed

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September 12, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Some random thoughts about the Miami game and the tailgating scene. Jason and I took in the game from section 17A so we had a great view of the action. 

  • The Miami fans were "interesting".  Saw a few Robbery in the Desert t-shirts.   Inside the stadium they were pretty fired up before the game and some fans ran to the tunnel to flash the "U" hand sign during TBDBITL's Ramp Entrance.  They also booed during Carmen Ohio before kickoff. Shady.
  • The tackle over was a nice wrinkle that worked well early. 
  • We continue to struggle with redzone opportunities. There is an invisible force field at the 10 yard line. 
  • I thought TP was really good. He had a couple really shaky throws but quite frankly, I expect that in every game from just about any quarterback. Look on the opposition sideline today for comparison. That was an ugly performance by Jacory Harris. TP had 20 carries but 3 or 4 of those were kneel downs at the end. He put up huge numbers and no TO's. I will take that every week!
  • Special teams continues to be disappointing but the coverages teams are a joke. It's been a problem since, at least, Iowa last year and it's getting worse. Time to make personnel changes. Enough is enough.   Nate Ebner, normally reliable, did a poor job breaking down on the punt return and instead overran the play.  He'll learn from it.
  • Return game was really solid though. Not Miami solid but good enough. Berry should have a TD but got too impatient and wouldn't wait for his blocker to take out the kicker. 
  • Thought the end of the half was terrible time management. JT was trying to save the TO for the FG unit but we ended up running essentially one play in the last 27 seconds, unless you count the FG. Wasted 5 seconds on downing the ball, then in lala land while the whole team thought a TO was coming but instead TP hurries to the line and runs some weird down the line no gainer out of bounds. 
  • Cameron Heyward came to play today. Was getting held a lot with no calls. Of course, the INT was just a great, great play. 
  • Any word on CJ Barnett? I think the returns are in and he's playing over Johnson because he's better. I like Barnett a lot. Johnson was set to go in once today during a TV timeout but the staff changed their mind before the tv TO was over. He seemed a little dejected coming off. Did he ever see the field before CJ was hurt? 
  • First downs plays killed us all day. Half dozen times we were TFL'd for a loss of 2-4 yards. Behind the chains a lot which was disappointing. 
  • Shovel pass was a great play call. Had that been Saine, it's a TD...or a 7 yard gain. No sure which. Boom was really solid today. 
  • Taurian Washington is on the field quite a bit and one would never know it. 
  • Saw BB Strength coach Dave Richardson heading into the stadium. Five minutes later, we walk by a tailgate where Wally Szczerbiak was hanging out like it's something he does every weekend. Odd. He was dress in all black so have no idea if he was rooting for OSU or not. I assume he was being he played at Miami (Oh). 
  • Former players in the stands right near us included Brandon Schnittker and Ben Person. After game, Kirk Barton hopped in his car which was parked next to mine off Kenny. A couple of years removed from playing inside the horseshoe and now he's like us, parking a mile from the stadium and walking in.
  • Eat Too, Brutus was great.  Good crowd and a great discussions.   It was a blast meeting some of you.

All in all, a really fun day and a good win even if it was one of the more odd games I've seen.

Lastly, some crappy camera phone video of Carmen Ohio after the triumph: