Two in a Row?

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August 12, 2013 at 5:01 pm

I have been thinking a lot lately about the difficulty of having two undefeated seasons in a row.  I am old enough to remember 1968, when the Buckeyes and the super sophomores went undefeated (annihilating TTUN) and pounded O.J. Simpson in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day in 1969.  The next season we expected to do it all again. After all, we had Rex Kern, and Jim Otis.  We had Jack Tatum and Mike Sensibaugh.  We were a scoring machine--destroying TCU 62-0, Wisconsin 62-7, and handed #10 Purdue and Mike Phipps a loss.  We were ranked #1 every single week of the season.  The next thing I remember is buying a bumper sticker that said, "Remember Ann-Arbor  24-12," even though I was too young to have a car bumper to stick it onto.  As an 11 year old kid, I was so disappointed that we didn't do what we "were supposed to do"--win them all.  We have an incredibly talented team this year and I am so excited (yes, it's close enough that I can be excited now).   You all know what we expect--to go sailing through the season with opposing teams being crushed by the Buckeye Juggernaut.  With our high powered offense, led by Braxton Miller, we are anticipating sending the scoreboard up into triple figures.  Our defense with our veterans like Shazier and Roby back, along with the up and comers to fill in the holes, will be able to shut down opposing teams in their tracks.  Our coaches, led by UFM getting all those positions to work together like clockwork, a well oiled machine that is created to win, win, win.  We are hearing of players stepping up to be true leaders of this team on the field and off the field.  What do you think the odds are on us actually following one undefeated year with another one--a feat that the Buckeyes with all of their great history have never achieved.  Do you think that we can really have two undefeated seasons in a row?

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