Tressel to Wisconsin? Not a rumor--just a thought

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December 17, 2012 at 4:13 pm

If Alvarez has any grey matter left after putting up with Bret "booger eater" Bielema, he should try to get Jim Tressel in Madison.  I know there is the 5 game thing, but Alvarez could be on the sideline for those--most are out of conference anyhow.  Barry would love it--he would get to coach, and not get the blame.  JT gets his team together, gets his coaching staff in place, gets recruiting, and runs the practices.  I doubt if Barry could convnce Tressel, but he should give it all he has.  You won't get anyone who knows the Big10 better, and who knows how to win better than him? 
I know it's a stretch for OSU fans, and maybe a lot bigger of a stretch for Badger fans, but let's face it--a lot of OSU fans were not fond of Urban Meyer while he was at Florida, especially when he was stomping us in the National Championship game.  That is all forgiven now--and UFM is the best thing since Woody Hayes.  I guess the question is does JT even want to coach?  If he does, I can't think of a better situation while the five game clause is in effect.  You got Big Papa Barry to stand around on the sideline looking coach-like through those first five games.  We know that Wisconsin needs to make a strong hire--and this would be a very strong one for the Badgers.  Any thoughts?

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