There Are Many Tigers . . .

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January 3, 2014 at 5:52 pm

When you look at the sports monikers in the world, there are many teams with the sobriquet, Tigers.  Detroit comes to mind--but that's professional baseball. Cincinnati has the Bengals, which is a type of tiger, so you don't confuse them with saber tooths or some other kind of tiger.  On the worldwide stage there are 20 teams from rugby, to cricket, and even an ice hockey team in Norway that claim this feline allegiance.  In college sports--specifically football for our discussion, there are a plethora of those schools who have chosen to be known as big striped pussycats: Clemson, LSU, Auburn, Missouri, Memphis, Princeton, Towson, and probably even more.  I suppose that this means there are some admirable traits of the tiger that make it appropriate as a totem of sorts.  I must admit that I am not a student of zoology, biology, or animal husbandry.  I don't know the difference between a Shetland Tiger and a Rhode Island Red.  To me, a tiger is simply a larger manifestation of my two house cats who seem to think they own the house that I pay for.  They are very demanding that I feed them on time and meet any other needs that comes their way.  They are moochers, plain and simple.  I then assume that tigers are simply bigger moochers who sleep, eat, and otherwise think that the world owes them everything.  Why anyone would choose an overgrown house cat as their role model is beyond me.  To Clemson's credit, they seem to eschew the standard tiger stripes, tiger heads, and the like on their uniforms, opting instead for a cute little paw print.  They may as well be the Clemson Pooh Bears.  But, for whatever reason, they have chosen a Tiger as mascot and team representative--the overused and over-ranked tiger.  How boring, how ordinary, and how pathetic.
Now, enter the Ohio State University.  No overused tabby for The great university of the world.  No sir.  We are the Buckeyes.  A unique name in sports.  No other university would dare to call themselves Buckeyes.  It would not only be presumptuous, but it would be futile.  There are many Tigers, but only ONE university who is strong enough, great enough, and proud enough to be called the Buckeyes.  There can be only one.  The Ohio State Buckeyes!  Go Bucks!

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