How Far the Mighty

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December 18, 2013 at 6:23 am

During this time of recruiting silence and riding the high of great recent commits here at The Ohio State University, perhaps this is a good time to consider the status of football in the land of that girl of questionable reputation--Ann Arbor.  It is now the elephant in the room at Schembechler Hall.  It cannot be ignored that the program has fallen on hard times and from day to day it flounders, relying mostly on the glories of the distant past for any real joy and pride.  This status check is even more urgent for TTUN with the downward pointed graph of death from the time of Tressel to the dawn of the year 2014--because I believe that the hype of past glory of Michigan Football is at an all time low.  There have been a few bright spots for the hapless Wolverines in the past 15 years, but overall it has been dark and ugly.  A time of despair that threatens to place this once storied program into the pot-bellied midsection of the Big Ten Conference.  As far as the Game is concerned, the dreary days of yore that were Cooper has all but been erased to a foggy memory.  Even if you glory in those days still, Wolverines, you most often played the role of spoiler to an overall more successful team.  Then came a man with a vest, and Appalachian State, and Oregon, and losing in Ohio Stadium, and losing at home, and that happening most of the time.  The loss of the historic #1 vs #2 game was a devastating one and helped to cement your place as #2 to the Buckeyes for the 21st century--the century that counts, now.  Then came Rich Rod and greater discontent--so much that after a few years he was cut loose as a man that knew not Michigan.  Brady Hoke was then chosen, around #6 on the prospect list, and with a true Ohio man at the helm of the program, and a powerful plan--"call those guys down there Ohio and that will be sure to do the job," you find yourself in the uncomfortable position that you are in today--a football program with only the past to show for itself.  
The point?  I'm sure that there are many truths that can be drawn from looking at the condition of this ailing program, but I am more confident than ever that Michigan football has fallen, and look at how far the mighty has fallen.  It only has joy when something disappointing happens at OSU.  It only has joy when it gives OSU a good game.  It becomes petty and pathetic, perhaps no more telling was the quote from the current hero and leader, Taylor Lewan, who said that the team that won 24 straight games in the same conference that his team played in (including beating his team twice) is not really very good--what does that say for his team?  But the picture above with Zach Boren, the son of a Michigan Football player, wearing an Ohio State uniform and  dominating a defeated Devin Gardner is not only a picture of two individuals, but to me is a symbol of what the status of Michigan football is--a fall of the once mighty.  No longer a bad couple years, or momentary setback, but a sick program with a diagnosis of losing.  The prognosis is not good--hence the commits running away from Ann Arbor like roaches from a house fire.  There is a lot more to say here, but I hate long posts and I know that you all can do much better, so what say you?

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