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Almost the Same

It’s not the same, but it’s almost the same.  To an eleven year old boy in Columbus, Ohio back in 1969 there was no team greater than the Ohio State Buckeyes.  They were the National Champions.  They had defeated the celebrated USC Trojans and their Heisman Trophy winning star...
25 Nov 2015
by Jonnferrell

The Cutting Edge

My dad wasn’t around.  Pretty common these days when half of all marriages end in divorce, or even more common, the kids come along before the wedding that never happens.  But back in the 1960’s it was a bit of a disgrace that the marriage didn’t work out.  It didn’t matter th...
11 Jan 2015
by Jonnferrell

A Veteran's Day Story

Amid all the dual quarterback talk and playoff hoopla, it's good to stop and think about more important things.  My Dad, 84 years old and a huge Buckeye fan, is also a veteran of the Korean War--a thankless war, similar to Vietnam without protests and flower children.  He recently was...
11 Nov 2014
by Jonnferrell

Thanks to the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes

I know that it was a tough way for you guys to end the season, but thanks for a great ride.  You followed up an undefeated season with twelve more wins in a row--that just doesn't happen every year--but you guys made it happen.  I can't think of two back to back OSU seasons where...
04 Jan 2014
by Jonnferrell

There Are Many Tigers . . .

When you look at the sports monikers in the world, there are many teams with the sobriquet, Tigers.  Detroit comes to mind--but that's professional baseball. Cincinnati has the Bengals, which is a type of tiger, so you don't confuse them with saber tooths or some other kind of ti...
03 Jan 2014
by Jonnferrell

May the Restless Spirit of Woody . . .

I remember the 1978 Gator Bowl.  I remember a game we threw away--but I remember more the great controversy afterwards.  I remember the unthinkable--Woody Hayes--Coach Woody Hayes--fired.  He didn't resign--Woody didn't quit.  He was not a quitter.  Right or wrong,...
03 Jan 2014
by Jonnferrell

How Far the Mighty

During this time of recruiting silence and riding the high of great recent commits here at The Ohio State University, perhaps this is a good time to consider the status of football in the land of that girl of questionable reputation--Ann Arbor.  It is now the elephant in the room at Schembech...
18 Dec 2013
by Jonnferrell

A New Rivalry--Based on Mutual Respect

This Michigan State loss--it now becomes the newest "damn Michigan State game," has a distinctive feel, doesn't it?  It felt like every bit a rivalry game, but different than TotherTUN.  I have no desire to tell Michigan State jokes, or even to manufacture internet memes of D...
08 Dec 2013
by Jonnferrell

Whenever I See Mgoblog. . .

Whenever I look at Mgoblog it reminds me how lucky we are to have Eleven Warriors.  If Mgoblog is the best that TTUN fans have to offer--or to use, it's no wonder their team sucks, too.  I posted a few things and was not being obnoxious at all some time back and ended up ge...
07 Dec 2013
by Jonnferrell

That Special Time of Uncertainty

I remember 1968.  I remember the term "Super Sophomores." That's not a term you hear thrown around today.  A sophomore is a seasoned veteran compared to the many freshmen that play college football today.  I remember when Archie Griffin--a lowly freshman--replaced Morris...
01 Dec 2013
by Jonnferrell

A Matter of Toughness

Like many of you taking in the U of M/MSU game yesterday, I was not surprised to see that the Wolverines looked hapless.  The Michigan offense was manhandled by the Spartan defense.  There's an interesting discussion going on over at MGOBLOG (where it seems I am relegated to tro...
03 Nov 2013
by Jonnferrell

The Big Ten Problem

      It is the elephant in the room, and it’s not invisible.  It is pointed out by bloggers on the internet, and talking heads at ESPN.  The Ohio State University Buckeyes, in its current state of being undefeated for 19 games in a row, is almost relegated to undefeat...
21 Oct 2013
by Jonnferrell

Two in a Row?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the difficulty of having two undefeated seasons in a row.  I am old enough to remember 1968, when the Buckeyes and the super sophomores went undefeated (annihilating TTUN) and pounded O.J. Simpson in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day in 1969.  The next ...
12 Aug 2013
by Jonnferrell

Tressel to Wisconsin? Not a rumor--just a thought

If Alvarez has any grey matter left after putting up with Bret "booger eater" Bielema, he should try to get Jim Tressel in Madison.  I know there is the 5 game thing, but Alvarez could be on the sideline for those--most are out of conference anyhow.  Barry would love it--he would...
17 Dec 2012
by Jonnferrell