My Interview with Al Borges

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May 21, 2013 at 11:30 am

I didn't read the whole thing on MGoBlog, and although I'm sure it's interesting, I thought it would be more fun to make it up instead:

"Well, let's set the stage for what is a normal week during the season:
"I try to get home as soon as practice is over since Mom likes to serve dinner at 6 pm SHARP. If it's any later, she might miss the start of her programs (she LOVES wheel of fortune). So once I get the dishes done and finish the rest of my chores out in the garage, I try to get to work on the week's gameplan. 
"The basis for my gameplan usually comes from a 4-6 hour marathon of playing the NCAA '13 on XBOX Live against any and all comers. It can be hard during the beginning of the season to find opponents (who wants to play as Eastern??), but once I've gotten about 3 or 4 different looks, I feel pretty confident. I typically use only 4 plays or so (Denard zone keep Left, Denard Zone keep right, Fake Zone read followed by Denard throwing to #12 regardless if he's open, and Punt), figuring that gives me a pretty solid vision of what we'll all see Saturday.
"Once I have finished my Xbox session, I usually have to text Coach Hoke back a fake excuse for why I couldn't meet him for Pizza and Beer that night (Mother doesn't like me out after dark of course). Then I'll usually spend a good chunk of the rest of the night on the internet. I usually spend an hour or two matching up the numbers of those guys on NCAA '13 with who they are in real life. If I finish early I spend time surfing Reddit for conspiracy theories about 9/11 and then usually some 'special videos' that Mother doesn't know about (that last part is a little frustrating with her dial up connection). 

"The next day I get up around 10 or so and head straight to the cafeteria at Schembechler Hall. The players are usually in class by then, so I get the waffle bar to myself (It's amazeballs, you gotta try it). After a few waffles I get one to go and lock myself in my office. My work computer has a great connection, so this is usually when I get my World of Warcraft time in.

"Finally once practice starts, I head straight to the scissor lift. I try to avoid the coaches locker room as much as possible, since Coach Mattison usually just makes fun of me for all the mail my recruits send back (I think he makes up some of those letters, but I can't prove it). Once I'm in that scissor lift, I'm in my zone.  No one can tell me 'No' as I yell down to run the same play 6 times in row, even though Denard can't feel his right arm at this point. It's truly my favorite part of the day. Then, once it's over, you know the drill..."

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