exactally who does Tressel owe an apology?

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March 16, 2011 at 12:04 am

A: The NCAA, his bosses, The University he represents, his players and their families.  That is it, case closed. 

He is famous, appears on TV and makes loads of money.  He is human.  He made a mistake.  He made his successes by virtue of his character.  He will now have to overcome scrutiny of his mistake, relying on those same virtues.  History will tell the story.  Tressel's good deeds done should not be wiped away due to one instance, though it is an odd one, seemingly for him, since we all, as Buckeye fans, feel as if we know him. 

In the past few days I have read/watched local and national news outlets commenting on Tressel's mistake.  I have seen on ESPN (Around the Horn, PTI, Jim Rome, Sportscenter) talking heads commenting on the Tressel situation and chastizing his lack of public apology.  Tressel and Gene Smith addressed the media during their Press Conference. Information was given, a public apology was not.  A public apology in this situation isn't necessary.  Let's not blow this out of proportion, we're not out for ratings, filler material or agendas.  This was a college football coach telling a lie to NCAA investigators.

Does Tressel owe an apology to: me a paying fan? A Notre Dame fan watching some sports report show?  A UCLA basketball fan tuning into a TV show to watch basketball bracketology?  The mayor of Cleveland?  An electrician in Piqua?  ESPN?  What would his public apology really mean to me?  Tress is smart, if he was truely sorry down deep in his heart, he wouldn't have done it in the first place.  A public apology would be hollow and shallow.  I'm sure he is sorry he got caught.  A public apology would as hollow and shallow as Bill Clinton's Mike Vick's, Bruce Pearl's or Rich Rod's. 

Pete Carrol, Lane Kiffin, Jim Calhoun, Florida State (academics), Auburn years back, Oklahoma(how many times), Alabama (how many times) never apologized publically for NCAA violations....instead, they get P.O.ed at the NCAA for reprimanding them.  If Tressel lied to gain an on field advatage, you know what, as a fan I'm glad.  The players were eligible in 2010.  OSU had a great year, and a superb Sugar Bowl Win.  As a fan, I just hope his mistake doesn't hurt the future of the football program.  Other than being a caring fan, emotionally invested in fall Saturday Scarlet and Grey, as a tax paying Ohioan, a sports watcher and a human, Tressel's situation has nothing to do with me.  He doesn't owe me a damn thing.

Did Jim Rome apologize to Tressel for getting punched by Jim Everett back in the 80's? Did Mike Wilbon apologize to Tressel after calling OSU fans pathetic for showing up 80,000 strong for a Spring Game? 

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