What Happens Now

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September 20, 2013 at 8:57 am

Just a hypothetical I want to post to eleven warriors readers. With the the news breaking that Texas Regents contacted Saban's agent and even though he denied the idea (we all know how that goes) what potential impact do you believe this has on recruiting? A lot of kids have Alabama on their short lists and even the rumor or innuendo of Saban leaving after the season is over could give horsepower to other programs when they are battling Saban for a recruit. Do you think this is a benefit for other schools trying to swing a recruit to their school and if so could you see it impacting the kids that Alabama ends up signing. A recruit on the fence might be scared away by the idea that Saban is gonna jump ship when the season is over. What do you guys and gals think. I personally think that a recruiter will use whatever tactic is needed to land a player for their program and think that just the rumor of Saban leaving could be good for everybody else and bad for Alabama! If Saban leaves let's be honest (regardless of ESPIN) that this would hurt the SEC (cause honestly it's really just a two or three horse race in that conference) and be positive for the other conferences and really positive for the BIG12.

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