*Results Update* CFB Week 1 Picks ATS

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August 30, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Finished 4-5.  Not too bad but not good enough.
Here are the games I like to start off the 2012 season.  Note: I cannot bet on the Buckeyes due to my heart.  Heavy on the favorites and against Notre Dame, Richard and Kentucky.  As is tradition.
South Carolina -7 at Vanderbilt
Who is going to stop Lattimore and who is going to score against Clowney and co.?
L 17-13. Carolina's defense was gassed midway through the 1st quarter, starting QB was hurt, came back, hurt again, came back, hurt again, came back, and standard early game sloppiness came into play.  Also, they were helped out by a no-call PI to end Vandy's chance.  0-1.  Pretty good start.  Not.
Boise State at Michigan State -7
New players for Boise, at a good Sparty team at night.  Top tier B1G team should win by at least 10.
L 17-13. MSU with a very Bollman effort. New quarterback has a long way to go. Bell looks likes Ringer 2.0. Of course they took a knee inside the 5 to end the game. 
Notre Dame vs. Navy +16.5 (Ireland)
Option team, in another country, and no answers behind center?
L 50-10. No spread equals no stupid interceptions. Not going to touch the Michigan game. 
Marshall at West Virginia -24.5
Noon game, so Holgo might take some time to wake up, but 70+ on Clemson is an easy 55+ on Marshall.
W 69-34. Holgo happy hour.
Northwestern -1.5 at Syracuse
Love taking NW on the road early in the year.
L 42-41. Just a casual 35-13 3rd quarter lead erased.  Bad loss of the year.  The risk you run when taking that B1G smart school in sports.
Michigan vs. Alabama -12.5 (Dallas)
Saban has had all summer/fall to prepare for the NCAA NY Jets playbook.  Deenard doesn't leave under his own power in this one.
W 41-14.  31-0 before the Michgan Men knew it.  Not suprised at all.  The smoke and mirrors seem to be gone in Hoke Year 2.  If you really want to know how I feel about this game, check out @jamiedupler.
Oklahoma -30.5 at UTEP
Sooners should have 38 at half.  Will they hold on?  Yes.
L 24-7. Getting off that Sooner buggie real quick.
Toledo +10 at Arizona
MAC team, over a TD favorite against a crappy Arizona squad that hasn't come close to mastering Richard's offense?  The Rockets could get the W.
W 24-17 OT. Toledo played well enough to win, and 'zona played just crappy enough to win in OT.  Cannot sleep on that Maction.
Kentucky at Louisville -13.5
Kentucky, bad.  Anything under 14 and me likey.
W 32-14. UK gave up an opening year 99 1/2 yard drive to Charlie Strong.  Expect to see UK making me some money this year.

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