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Saturday Observations: Will Screen Plays Beat Us?

I'm very happy to walk into work today with my head held high.  Not only did my Buckeyes win The Game, but the mighty Tide fell, giving us an opportunity to play for the crystal football.  With that said, I'd like to share some observations from Saturday that caught my attention. ...
02 Dec 2013
by jdagrava.1

OSU vs. Trolls - an Interesting Statistic

So it's a bye week and I am starving for Buckeye Football conversation.  I jumped on everyone's most least favorite sports website SEC Central ESPN and was browsing around.  (I just absolutely love how they are using Facebook for their comments now..........). Some SEC punks wer...
07 Nov 2013
by jdagrava.1

Do NOT mess with her Buckeye Football

I met the woman who is now my wife when I was a freshman at The GLORIOUS Ohio State University.  No it wasn't love at first sight (we didn't start dating until our sophomore year and didn't get engaged until we were about to graduate) but humble beginnings, right?  I love my wi...
13 Sep 2013
by jdagrava.1

The Mystique of Meyer

Before I begin writing this I need to issue a disclaimer.  As I have mentioned before in previous posts, I was not always a fan of Urban Meyer.  In fact I internally begged the Ohio State Athletic Department to hire one of many potential suitors not named Urban Meyer.  I went to bed e...
23 Aug 2013
by jdagrava.1