Now Accepting Your Handouts

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February 14, 2011 at 3:33 am

You probably noticed a new "Donate" button on the sidebar today and I wanted to take a minute to explain its presence.

For the longest time, the revenue brought in from Google ads and the random t-shirt sale here and there suited our needs just fine. We were able to cover all of our hosting and related costs with a little coin left over to throw a party.

As we've grown, however, we've taken on coverage of more live events. Whether it's been home football or basketball games, we're blessed to have a press pass and have done our best to bring you as much of the games as possible. But, we have our sights set higher and are planning on sending two guys to cover the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis, among other things in the near future. As such, we have begun accepting donations to help offset some of the travel costs for this event and others like it going forward.

So, if you feel like we add even the slightest bit of information or amusement to your life, please consider donating. The money will go towards live event coverage, tech improvements and whatever else we can do to make this the best possible Buckeye experience on the web.

If you can't or don't want to, it's all good as well. One of the goals of this site is to prove that the non-subscription model can work and we'll continue doing just that.

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