Luke Winn's Final Set of Power Rankings

Jason Priestas's picture
March 3, 2011 at 3:43 pm

Winn has worked magic with these this season and it will be sad to see them end, but we can at least take pride knowing our Buckeyes topped the final list:

Ohio State is my final No. 1 team because the Buckeyes are most deserving as of right now ... and because I think they're going to win the national championship.

Winn's Ohio State breakdown with awesome Diebler chart:

Jon Diebler is the most prolific three-point shooter in the history of the Big Ten, having made 348 treys in his 13-year career (or maybe four-year career) with the Buckeyes. Inspired by his 10-trey game at Penn State on March 1, I decided to plot out Diebler's 97 Big Ten three-point attempts from this season in the same style as the "Who's Feeding Jared?" graphic, to see what we could learn. I found 94 of the treys in Synergy's individual-game shot chart data (three were mysteriously missing, but the sample is solid), and made a 17-game, conference composite, then divided it into five floor zones:



Some of you will recall that Diebler is also Jared Sullinger's best post-feeder, and it's not shocking that Diebler is most accurate from the portion of the floor (zones 4 and 5) where he plays his two-man game with Sullinger. What is surprising is just how lethal Diebler is (a 71.4 percent shooter!) from the right corner. Leaving him open is never a good idea, but when he's in that zone, it's a death wish.