Venting; The Weak Conference

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November 21, 2012 at 6:32 am

I go out of town for a few days and go off grid. Get back and what, what, WHAT? The Big Ten expands and 1. adds schools that suck in sports 2. adds schools that don't strengthen our chances of winning national championships in the 2 sports that matter. WTF?!
Now, I know, without exploring, that Rutgers and Maryland are fine educational institutions. But I think we all know conferences are trying to increase their ability to take over the world in sports, which, = ratings, which, = money, money and more money. 
With that- with what conferences are doing, I am venting and hopefully letting you vent a little too. I say, Rutgers?! REALLY?! Jesus- their football team is "coming up" in a bad football conference. Whatever- their first year coach is doing a great job, with the old coaches he has not proven a solid coach in recruiting yet, and we all know how a team can go south quickly if that's not the case.
Maryland? OK, basketball tradition is good but haven't heard from them lately...from a casual basketball fan's viewpoint...and in FOOTBALL? REALLY? The ONLY reason I know they have a freaking football team is due to their really, really stupid looking uni's they threw up...I mean, threw out there last year.
So, while other conferences are at least TRYING to increase their chances of strengthening either their football or basketball programs for winning more National Championships, we go after Rutgers and Maryland .Way. To. Go. That will really help with our "strength of schedule" issues. 
How about this - we get Kentucky to strengthen our basketball conference and hell, who cares about Kentucky football, we HAVE Maryland now...but that would be awesome for the conference in basketball...and let's go after Cincinnati - solid football and basketball. They could make some noise perhaps...even Pitt maybe? You'd bring back the PSU rivalry, even though Pitt has sucked in football. But Pitt has shown it can produce a solid football team every once in awhile and their basketball team is solid (? not sure- casual basketball fan but I seem to hear about them during basketball season).
So, VENT! Let me know what  teams you would add to The Weak Conference. Be it for real or for fun. I just can't believe we can't recruit schools with better football/basketball teams. Who is next, Syracuse? WOWWWW got the SEC and 12PAC shaking in their SHOES! At least they have a great basketball tradition...argh. Louisville? West Verginny (always over rated-choke more than a John Cooper coached team)-What schools would you add to our conference? 

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