Urban is Not Perfect... My Thoughts

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January 17, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Let me start this off by saying how excited I am about Urban Meyer and the new coaching staff. They should do tremendous things for years to come at Ohio State. However, over the past couple months I've become increasingly annoyed at my Buckeye brethren (don't mistake me for saying I still don't love everybody on here and all Buckeye fans around the globe) and the majority of them who think Urban can do no wrong. Seemingly all of the sudden we forgot our former opinion of him (he was a snake to most of us.) Now yes, that has a lot to do with sour grapes after the 2007 BCS National Championship Game, but some of our criticisms were very fair. Let's not forget that this is the guy who retired twice before turning 50 citing health reasons and wanting to be with his family, only to return to coaching a year later. But now since we were the program he chose to return to, he can do no wrong and EVERY action he takes is an act of God. It is ridiculous and unreasonable. After the bowl ban was released, I openly questioned Urban's promise to recruits that there would be no more punishment and expressed relief that nobody decommitted. At the same time I stated that this was an oppurtunity for Urban to stick through a rough patch like he has never done before and prove he's not fragile like some have suggested based on his "retirements" (which both convienantly came after his two worst years as head coach anywhere.) When I said those things, I was not trying to say I dislike of Meyer. I was mearly trying to take an unbiased look at things. I was shocked at the response I got from a couple of users here. I was called a lunatic and called out by those I thought were very level headed about things. Now this Dominic Clarke incident comes to light and we won't even listen to the kid because he is just some "stupid kid ranting" about "URBAN MEYER GOD OMFG #$)%#$ URBGASM." I'm not saying Meyer did Clarke wrong, but I am saying that its ridiculous that we are dismissing Clarke's thoughts immediately because we are blinded by our love for Urban.

We need to get over this "Urban can do no wrong" phase as a fanbase. If we do not we will turn into the defenders of guys like Saban and Les Miles, who see clear misdeeds happening inside their program yet take them as deeds of God because they love their coach (and winning) so much. Tressel wasn't perfect. A lot of us thought he was. Yes, he is a great man, but he ended up having his flaws. Urban will have his flaws as well. I think it would be amazing if we could recognize those flaws (I recognize them as the flaws of college football, not exclusively Meyer) yet still embrace the amazing head coach we have in Urban Meyer. I hope I am not the only one who thinks Urban is imperfect. All of this is just my two cents.


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