JakeBuckeye's Thoughts on the Running Game

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October 11, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Change is something that Buckeye fans don't want. They hate it in their football team's uniform, they hate it on their football team's yearly schedule, and they don't know what to do with it this year with the way this offense is working.

Defense has been the strong suit of evey Jim Tressel coached Ohio State football team. That remains the same this year. The running game has been the strength of every Jim Tressel coached Ohio State football team, even in 2006 with the great Troy Smith I would argue. This is the change that is irking us this year. Passing is the strength of this offense for the first time in a long while.

As much as we have complained about Jim Tressel's continual conservative bubble around his offenses, this is what we are all subconsciously comfortable with. It's worked every year, and has given this program unbelievable success.

So much so that now that we don't have the running game necessarily as a strength, we start searching aimlessly for the problem and solution. We start worrying of a spoiled season ahead based off the running backs and offensive line's play. We're not comfortable with this passing strength idea.

I'm here to throw out the idea that we may not have a problem here. As impossible as it seems with Jim Tressel teams, we may be searching too much for something here. Its clear that the offensive line's strength is pass blocking, and its also clear that Terrelle Pryor is more than capable of slinging his way to victory.

In my opinion, our best chance at winning this year is with usual Ohio State defense and passing effectivley. However, we all know that we need somewhat of a running game. How do we get this? Easy answer, and that's Terrelle Pryor. In what way does he get this? Breaking runs off of broken pass plays, and those come from attempting to passing the ball. I think that we're all convinced that Pryor can't be our best runner if we want to win a national title, but I beg to differ. He can't do it all, but this is where Boom Herron comes into play. Herron has been effective enough to be that guy who steps in when Pryor needs him to.

Now do the running backs and run blocking need to improve? Absolutely, but I'm here to just maybe throw out the idea that its not a gaping hole in this team, or a "problem" per say.

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