Its HATE week.

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November 17, 2012 at 7:52 pm

God bless Youtube and modern day technological advancements.
My personal favorite Ohio State-Michigan of all time. Gives me chills (and maybe tears every once in a while, shhhh) everytime.

My favorite Ohio State-Michigan game of all time, in its entirety. The game truly was a tribute to Bo (who had just passed), Woody, and every person to ever participate. The post game scene was something unreal and something I don't think I'll ever see anything like ever again.

The HBO special on the rivalry in its entirety, from where the first clip originates from.

From the 2009 GAME, Ohio State fans take over the Big House. Awesome.

Another one of my personal favorites. A parody of the "Pure Michigan" commercials. Classic.

The M Club banner incident!

The Catch! From 2005. Gonzo!

This doesn't directly correlate to the rivalry, but I consider this one of the best days in college football history ;)

Chad Henne, 0-4 in The Game.

The national championship-clinching interception against Michigan in 2002. Another unbelievable scene. Say what you will about Brent Musberger, but to me he will always be the guy who dropped the "Let's party, Columbus!" line.

One of my favorite Ohio State victories over Michigan. From 2004. This game asserted Tressel's dominance over Michigan and Carr, as we were the underdogs against a hyped Michigan team.

HATE. Post your favorite clips/images for HATE week.

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