A few things Miami fans wish were never said.

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September 12, 2010 at 8:14 pm

When reading pre-game jib-jab from Oregon fans in the weeks before the 2010 Rose Bowl, I started to copy and paste the bold (most of the time arrogant) statements I heard just for fun to look back at after the game.

Well, I didn't expect to do so for the Miami game, but a few fans just blew me away and forced me to.

I don't add any names to the quotes, as that would be a little over the top, but you'll recognize the first one from Miami RB Damien Berry. Enjoy;


"When we win. I don't want to say if because it's not an if."


“No doubt about it! The D-Line for the Canes will be wreaking havoc on Pryor and the RB’s all afternoon. Speed the bucknuts haven’t ever seen. It’s going to be fun to watch.”


“Or how about DE Allen Bailey that runs a 4.5 at 290 lbs? Are you serious? Pryor will be running for his freaking life on Saturday. LOL”


“Enjoy your #2 ranking buddy, because after Sept. 11th it'll back to another fall and spring of your "comparative" research for next season!”


“the 'canes WILL beat your perenially overranked, over hyped, joked of a program form the fifties,”


“Try reading real articles about OSU and Miami practices and maybe you will start smelling the sweet aroma of a Miami win.  The Miami press is a pro press and they don't pull punches like the the toy newspaper, columbus dispach, in the toy captial columbus and even then they don't paint a pretty picture.”


“Shock and awe on 9/11! No undefeated season for OSU. OSU fans, wait and see and watch and learn.”


“WTF? This team (Ohio State) is just not deep this year at any position.”


“Nothing better than the whole Game Day crew to pick against you! And of course we can count on Holtz to dump on us as well. With those 4 in agreement against us, a win over OSU is lock.”


“9/11, another very bad day for Big Ten. But after 9/11, its back to the MAC to run up the scores and make those stats look good.”


“Miami 21 to 24 - OSU 13 to 17. Take it to the bank.”


“In summary another set of reasons why Maimi will prevail on 9/11...USC redeux.”


“I have been consistent and have predicted a 4 to 7 point win by Miami...it will happen.”


“Bring your crying towels, you will need them.”


“Every day OSU gets a little weaker and the U gets stronger.”


“Official Prediction: Miami 27, Ohio State 13”


“we don’t see how Ohio State comes within 7-10 points of Miami in a 60 minute game, no matter where it’s held.”


“The bottom line is, save for a bunch of UM turnovers (a la the 2003 Fiesta Bowl), on paper this game shouldn’t be that close.”


“When predicting outcomes, we don’t wear orange and green goggles.  That being said, we don’t see how Ohio State can match Miami’s speed and athleticism.”


“Apparently, they’re getting caught up in the universal #2 ranking they’ve received in the polls, or the Vegas odds which have them – not Alabama – as the betting favorites to win a national title this year.  Settle down my pasty white friends.  Your team is good.  But it is not THIS good.”


“I hear about this stable of Buckeye running backs and receivers, but have a hard time thinking that it compares to Miami’s.  I don’t see anyone on the Ohio State roster that runs like Damien Berry”


“I’ve not only put money on this game, but I’m thinking of cashing out my kid’s 529 College Savings Plan to take Miami and the points.”


“I will gladly accept bets with Miami getting 10 f’n points.  Cuz Miami is going to win this game outright.  And you know what, I don’t think it’s going to be that close.  Forget getting 10 points, I’ll give points.  That’s right.  I’ve set aside $100 for my favorite Buckeye fans.  And, I will give you 6 points.  Miami -6.  That’s 16 off the spread, for you math challenged Buckeye fans out there.”


“Those fat mouth breathers from the north are blinded by their scarlet and grey goggles.”


“Miami takes this one in an ugly beat down where OSU looks like a beaten team with no answers, much like we often see when Tresselteams get beat. It will be a full house at kick off, it will look like select-a-seat day by the third quarter. Miami 37-Ohio State 6”


“Everyone reppin Ohio ST needs to take both of their hands, put it around your necks, and choke yourselves! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!”

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