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Its HATE week.

God bless Youtube and modern day technological advancements. My personal favorite Ohio State-Michigan of all time. Gives me chills (and maybe tears every once in a while, shhhh) everytime. My favorite Ohio State-Michigan game of all time, in its entirety. The game truly was a tribute to...
17 Nov 2012
by JakeBuckeye

Thank you, William Buford

Just a rugged looking kid out of Toledo, Ohio, William Buford made his commitment to play basketball for The Ohio State University as a part of the class of 2008. In an era of "one-and-dones" and early departures to the NBA, William Buford stood out as a special kind of player and perso...
01 Apr 2012
by JakeBuckeye

Urban is Not Perfect... My Thoughts

Let me start this off by saying how excited I am about Urban Meyer and the new coaching staff. They should do tremendous things for years to come at Ohio State. However, over the past couple months I've become increasingly annoyed at my Buckeye brethren (don't mistake me for saying I stil...
17 Jan 2012
by JakeBuckeye

5 Scenarios If Ohio State Can Win Out

This is in response to some grumblings of our inevitable trip to the Capital One Bowl or worse. (All of these are presuming Ohio State can win out and does not make it back to the BCS National Championship Game) Here's how I look at it:   Scenario #1   &nbs...
26 Oct 2010
by JakeBuckeye

JakeBuckeye's Thoughts on the Running Game

Change is something that Buckeye fans don't want. They hate it in their football team's uniform, they hate it on their football team's yearly schedule, and they don't know what to do with it this year with the way this offense is working. Defense has been the strong suit of ev...
11 Oct 2010
by JakeBuckeye

A few things Miami fans wish were never said.

When reading pre-game jib-jab from Oregon fans in the weeks before the 2010 Rose Bowl, I started to copy and paste the bold (most of the time arrogant) statements I heard just for fun to look back at after the game. Well, I didn't expect to do so for the Miami game, but a few fans just bl...
12 Sep 2010
by JakeBuckeye

Mini-Rant towards ESPN/Gene Smith

Why the hell is College Gameday going to Tuscaloosa? Seriously, Penn State is going to get whomped in all 3 quarters by 'Bama's first team. And then get whomped in the 4th by Bama's 2nd and 3rd team. What a waste of mascot head picking, when you could have at least been at com...
05 Sep 2010
by JakeBuckeye