First Blog Entry - "Some people just don't get it"

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November 21, 2012 at 3:20 pm

OK, So here it goes with my first blog entry here at 11W.  The reason for this unhistorical moment happened today:
Yes, in leading up to "THE GAME" I have worn my colors at work all week.  Today a nice young lady stopped by and asked me:  "Why do you have an Ohio State shirt on today?" 
First off it's not just an Ohio State Shirt, it's a very expensive Red Nike Dry Fit Style golf shirt with block "O" logo with gray football laces at the bottom of the 3-button shirt complete with Nike Logo and Block OHIO STATE lettering at the bottom.  I bought this shirt so it can be worn with black pants or Khakis and still meet business casual dress code at work for big games and showing my allegiance to OSU.  Ok, so my next thought in my mind was what planet are you from and maybe her thoughts were preoccupied with Turkey day and Black Friday.  Hey, I Like great food and a good deal shopping for holiday gifts as much as anyone.  Although I prefer Cyber Monday.
I decided to just say very nicely: "OSU has a big game this weekend" I then proceeded to head back to my cubicle and immediately go to the 11W site to get my fix where people like me hang out and understand each other.  I foolishly assumed all Ohioans were like us folk on here.  Today i realized that is not the case.  I'm relatively new to this site as I became frustrated with another sites "Free Content" being limited to garbage.  I was a Fan of Ramzy's writing and talking to some people they pointed me to the light.  I have been full on to 11W all year and it really has great content.  Shout out to Bill here at my work for linking me in the direction of 11W. 
Why does the time seem to stand still and creep along when the anticipation of THE GAME is on the horizon?  UGGGHH.... I'm ready to get this thing started....At least I have my escape here at work thanks to 11W site and great members with awesome comments and insight....

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